Beginning the modernization of lathe KZ 16110F3

We started project the modernization of lathe KZ 16110F3 with diameter 6000mm and length 16000 mm. The lathe has two supports with boring and burnishing devices. The project shall be finished with acceptance by the customer in the end of 2014.


Acceptance the machine MAXI NORMA CNC

The machine MAXI NORMA CNC was accepted by the customer in Prague in Dezember 2013. The machine has the new headstock with 4000 rot./min, control system Heidenhain iTNC530.

Acceptance the machine W160 CNC

 The machine W160 CNC with spindle diameter 160 mm was accepted by the customer in Třinec. The machine has CNC Heidenhain iTNC 530 HSCI, new headstock - spindle rotation 2500 rot./min., hydraulic ram balancing.


 Acceptance the machine WH 160 CNC with rotary table T25 and milling heads UHM 30 and PHM 37


The machine WH160 CNC with splinter conveyer, probes, rotary table T25 and milling heads UHM 30 and PHM 37 was accepted by the customer in Ukraine in October. The machine has the new headstock with 2500 rot./min.

Acceptance the machine TX 6213 CNC

The machine TX 6213 CNC with spindle diameter 130 mm, ISO 50 was accepted by the customer in Neratovice, Czech Republic. The machine has CNC Heidenhain iTNC 530, spindle rotation 10-3 000 rot./min.


Sale of the machine WD 160 CNC model 2010  

The machine WD 160 CNC model 2010 was selt to the customer in Ukraine. The assembly takes place at this moment. The machine was equiped by the chip conveyor and measuring sounds. The customer additionally ordered the rotary table T25 (2x2) and milling heads UHM 30 and PHM 37.

We carry out the modernization of the machine ŠKODA W160H for the czech customer at this moment, we use a new headstock with 2500 rot/min with spindle centre cooling with pressure 30 bar and control system Sinumeric 840DSL. We install for column the covering of travel axe Y and control cockpit has a separate travel without addiction on the headstock position.





Assembly of the machine WRF 160 CNC with rotary table T25 (2500x3000) at the customer in Marocco

In November 2012 was carried out and succesfully accepted the assembly of the machine at the customer in Marocco. Control system Heidenhain iTNC 530. Other accessories ATC, splinter conveyor, manual head UHM 30.



Acceptance the lathe SNT 200 at the customer Třinecké železárny


In October 2012 was accepted the lathe SNT200 with laminated support. The machine is after complete general repair, modernization of hydrostatic distribution of support and with installation of contol system Sinumerik 840sl.


Acceptance the machine TX6213

Modernized machine with spindle diameter 130mm, travel on linear distribution Schneeberger with control system Heidenhain iTNC530.



Assembly of the machine WRF130CNC with rotary table at E-PROFIL, Tallinn, Estonia

- acceptance of the assembly in August 2012

Acceptance of W160HC after modernisation

        Modernisation of horizontal and boring machine W160HC at the customer Strojírny Třinec was finished in November 2011. It was be used control system iTNC530 Heidenhain. Working place was be completed by rotary table T25 from production the company FERMAT, which is controled from the machine. There is used hydraulic quill balancing system, which make possible parameters changing in the process of heads putting.



Acceptance of the machine in Germany

Last from three modernised front lathe DP2 at the customer Silbitz Guss was finished in May 2011. All the machines were be completely repaired, used new drives and installed new CNC SINUMERIK 840D. Customer uses the machines from the production of parts for wind power plant. At the customer work by us modernised carousels K1516.


 Attending the company at the exhibition Metalloobrabotka, Moscow

Our company first attended at the exhibiton Metalloobrabotka, Moscow, RF in May 2011.  Presentation was on common stand with the czech company Fermat and russian company Kovosvit RU. We gained lots of new contacts and inquiries for deliveries of modernised machines for russian market.


Presentation the new WD160cnc model2010 

Of the day  9.2. 2011 hold the Co. PRESSL  presentation the new WD160cnc with new spindlestock (2500rpm).

WD160CNC model2010

At the present time we are finishing horizontal boring machine WD160CNC model2010  with new spindlestock (2500rpm).


 Machine W160GNR

In the end 2010 we have installed machine W160GNR with rotary table in the ŠKODA Power DOOSAN.

Two machine W250Hcnc + S60,S100

In the end 2009 we have installed two machine W250Hcnc with rotary table S60, S100 in the Ukraine.

Two headstock W250Hcnc after testing.

Mounting in the customers company.