FERMAT Pressl s.r.o.

Fermat Pressl s.r.o. was founded on August 17, 1992 in Pilsen. Since 2000 company has been working in the production hall in Rokycany (20 km from Pilsen and 90 km from Prague). Since 2010, company has become a member of the FERMAT Group. The company has about 35 employees.

Fermat Pressl s.r.o. is active in supply of new machine tools of current technologies and modernization of old machine tools using current technologies and mechanical parts of limited clearance, modern hydrostatics and NC control systems so that their usable value is comparable to the new machine, but with lower costs.

The machines supplied by our company work successfully not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Italy, Sweden, Germany, France, Hungary, Ukraine, Canada and the USA.

Main activities of FERMAT Pressl s.r.o.:

  • delivery of new machines

  • modernization and overhaul of machines

  • accessories - supply of accessories

  • spare parts - delivery and installation of spare parts

  • service - guarantee and post-warranty service including delivery of spare parts

  • used machines - we offer the possibility of supplying older used machines or their parts

Innovation in machinery - research and development of new technologies.

In response to increasing customer requirements, the company's design department has been preparing projects for modernization and overhaul of horizontal machine tools, lathes, carousels, rotary tables, etc. In response to increasing customer requirements, it is expanding its activities to the development and construction of brand new machines and equipment - the use of a new headstock with a spindle diameter of up to 160 mm with a maximum speed of 3000 rpm and with possibility of cooling through the spindle center.